Lighting Retrofit

What should you expect with your retrofit project?

1. Lighting Audit: One of our trained, knowledgeable consultants will evaluate your lighting,
discuss your lighting needs with you and put together a comprehensive efficient lighting proposal.

2. Rebate Determination: Whether it’s Xcel, Platte River Power Authority (PRPA),Tri-state or another electricity provider, we will take care of all the forms and applications needed to get you the maximum rebate available for your lighting project.

3. Project Confirmation: Once you sign off on the project, we’ll get it moving forward and schedule your installation.

4. Installation: Our professional and courteous installers will work around your schedule and sensitive areas to ensure a non-disruptive environment. We also work with local electrical contractors to complete your project.

5. Inspection: We will inspect the project to see that it was completed as planned and to your satisfaction.

6. Quiet Enjoyment: You will be able to enjoy a lowered energy bill while working in an improved efficient lighting environment.

Questions from our customers:

What do I need do to prepare for a lighting retrofit?
In most cases, little needs to be done as long as there is access to the light fixtures. in warehouse and manufacturing areas, equipment may need to be covered or moved. For liability reasons, we cannot move products, inventory or equipment.

How do the rebates work?
The Xcel Energy and PRPA rebates can be assigned to ESU so that you need pay just the difference between the total project cost and the rebate. However, municipal rebate programs such as Boulder County EnergySmart and the Denver Energy Program can be paid only to the utility customer or the property owner.

Is the funding limited?
Most rebate programs have a limited amount of funds for the calendar year. Funding caps for each program varies and can change during the year, so please ask your ESU efficiency advocate about the rebate program(s) in your area.

What is the pre-approval process?
For common (prescriptive) rebate measures, Xcel and Boulder County do not need a pre-approval. However, custom rebates from Xcel and PRPA, a pre-approval is needed.

What paperwork do I need to fill out?
Virtually none. We complete all the forms for the rebates and recycling then just get the signatures from you.

How long does it take to receive the rebates?
It mainly depends on which program you are working with. PRPA is 2-4 weeks, while EnergySmart, Denver County and Xcel usually take 6-8 weeks.

What happens to the materials that are removed?
ESU properly recycles all lamps, ballasts, metals, and paper products, then properly disposes the remaining materials.

What are the warranties?
Varies upon the product. CFLs, 1 yr; tubular fluorescent, 3 yrs; ballasts, 5 yrs; LEDs, 3–5 yrs. Please ask about other materials. Installation: 6 mos – 1 yr.

Where do we get replacement materials?
From Energy Solutions Unlimited! We know what you need, our prices are very competitive, AND DELIVERY IS INCLUDED!